Planning for Luck – Career Planning Resources for ABDs and PhDs

8 Apr

Graduate Student?  Postdoc?  Or Mentor to Graduate Students and Postdocs?

Each Spring Semester specialists from campus Career Centers and academic staff within the Preparing Future Faculty Program join with the Graduate School to offer a week-long Career Planning workshop series for graduate students and postdocs plotting career possibilities and about to enter into job searching processes.  While several hundred participants interact with speakers at these late afternoon sessions, as many can access a given year’s presentations only through virtual access.

To those ends, speakers have made it possible for the Graduate School to create a Career Week web page to house presentation materials and UMConnect recordings of the sessions.  Career Week speakers aim to be timely and frank, to address tacit and explicit dimensions of job search processes and politics, and to offer information of use to job applicants as well as their mentors.  Topics addressed this year:

  • Non-academic Job Search
  • Academic Job Search
  • Resume Formatting
  • CV Formatting
  • Effective Interviewing for Academia and Industry
  • Job Search Follow Up For International Students
  • Interviewing Follow Up For International Students

Speakers for each session are identified, and continue to be willing to field questions.

Our Feedback Survey Remains Open Throughout April

And, throughout April, we invite you who are readers of this blog and its companion Tuesday Teaching Tips to chime in by offering your feedback in response to the 5-item survey embedded below. (A 6th item invites readers to express an interest in becoming a guest blogger during the coming year.  We’ve set up a process to ensure that information gathered in response to the 6th item will be separated from the survey spreadsheet before responses are reviewed by the blog editorial team.)


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