April is the coolest month – especially when you add your ideas to our readers’ feedback survey

1 Apr

DSC00888 2April, I say along with Douglas Florian, is the coolest month –

The grass grows green.
The flowers bloom.
Most all the outdoor sports resume.
The weather warms.
The terns return.
On nature walks we talk and learn.
There’s no more ice.
There’s no more snow.
The creeks and brooks and rivers flow.
It’s time to fish
Or climb a tree.

On a personal scale, my parents’ birthdays land in this month; in my academic world, it’s National Poetry Month; and in my work world, it’s the time we simultaneously begin wrapping up a programming year and launching the next one.

117With that work world factor in mind, it’s when we invite you who are readers of this blog and its companion Tuesday Teaching Tips to chime in by offering your feedback in response to a 5-item survey that’s embedded below.

Via a 6th item, we invite also you to let us know if you are interested in becoming a guest blogger pursuing your own teaching-related topic of interest during the coming year.  (We’ve set up a process to ensure that information gathered in response to “yes, I’d like to guest blog” item will be separated from the survey spreadsheet before responses are reviewed by the blog editorial team.)


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