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Today’s helpful resource: 7 Things You Should Read About Multimedia Assessments

19 Feb

From the midst of putting together a short seminar on using technology-rich classrooms and designing an online course with a pMOOC spin for a higher education audience, I’m finding the Educause “7 Things You Should Read about Multimedia Assessments” to be just what I need as I think through, map out, and test possible activities and assignments that seminar and course participants will create – and will assess as peers.

What will you’ll find when you download this 2-page, hyperlink-rich resource?  An opening acknowledgement that

Multimedia assignments are becoming widespread across all disciplines. The resources below explore various examples, methods, tools, and pedagogical approaches to develop and assess such assignments.

And seven resources that address:

  • Sampling Digital Media/New Media Assignments
  • Creating Video & Media-Making Rubrics
  • Assessing Writing in Digital Environments
  • Evaluating Multimodal Work
  • Creating Multimedia Assessment Tools

You can find the “…about Multimedia Assessments” here: https://net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/ELIR1303.pdf.

The “7 Things You Should Read…” series itself is quite helpful for me as a course designer and teacher who needs more than basic, introductory resources.   The overview page for this Educause series is here: http://www.educause.edu/eli/publications?filters=sm_cck_field_super_facet%3A%22EDUCAUSE%20Library%20Items%22%20tid%3A33152%20tid%3A47241.

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