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Non-Majors & Large Enrollment Courses: Ideas from Distinguished Teachers

15 Jan

Today we share four resources embedded in an August 2013 workshop for teachers of large enrollment courses enrolling culturally and demographically diverse learners pursuing a broad range of academic majors.  The  four faculty members – Jay Hatch, Leon Hsu, Kent Kirkby and Ken Leopold – are all science-based faculty and members of the UMinnesota Academy of Distinguished Teachers.

1.  Best Practices for Large Lecture Courses with Diverse Student Learners

Features ideas and resources regarding “big picture” concerns ranging from learning-centered syllabus design to what helps make a big course feel small and on to ways of connecting life and learning.

2.  Setting a Positive Tone in your Course 

Ideas related to the “small” course-management and interpersonal communication details that can impact classroom climate and course performance for students (and teachers).

3.  Teaching Suggestions from a Student Perspective

From use of web resources, to exams, to grading – and more.

4.  Assessment Strategies

Thinking about the positive impact of frequent, short testing (quiz) patterns – from faculty and students perspectives.  Note: you may have to boost the sound on your computer to hear the presenters’ comments.

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