Motivation: Generated by teachers *and* students

26 Jun

Motivation was the focus of the second TeachingSupport@UMN Learning Science presentations. Keeping in mind the cognitive load practice of prioritising just three to four factors to address, the pair of posts focus on three key components, which we summarised via these three phrase-question combinations:

  1. Goal has value. (Is it worth it?)
  2. Success feels possible. (Can I do it?)
  3. Learning is supported.  (Will there be support for me?)

To set out a definition of motivation we could share as a baseline during the presentation, we opened with this phrase-question pairing:

  1. Motivation requires us all. (What are the roles and responsibilities of teachers and students in this shared endeavor?)

As with the workshop, these reprised blog posts draw together principles linked to learning science research, and practices drawn from concrete strategies reported in scholarship of teaching and learning. The links below will take you to the Motivation posts for further reading:

  • Part 1 in our pair of posts focus on Motivation Requires Us All (#4) and Goal Has Value (#1).
  • Part 2 attends to #2 – (How) Can I do it?, and to #3 Will there be support for me?

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