Intercultural Inclusive Learning and Teaching – Fall Seminar

17 Aug


This Fall semester we’re offering an OOPS! – an open, online seminar – focusing on Intercultural Inclusive Learning and Teaching in higher education. The seminar involves participants in active discussions of both universal design for learning and key contemporary issues in promoting social justice in the classroom.  From these discussions, participants build their own teaching and learning materials for current and/or future courses.  Past participants found seminar discussions deeply thought-provoking, shared materials diverse and useful, and badge-earning activities to practically assist them in developing better courses:

One thing that is bubbling up for me is the idea that discussion (in varying formats) coupled with some form of reflection (also in varying formats), offers tremendous potential to harness the power of difference….Sharing thoughts and ideas with a community so genuinely and deeply committed to this work has left me with much more than a set of ideas I can put into practice.  I am committed to helping build “a curriculum that deeply includes everybody.” – 2015 seminar participant

The seminar is designed for graduate- and professional-level learning, with past participants including grad students, postdocs, instructors, faculty, and staff.

The seminar facilitators have designed the five modules to welcome multiple modes of participation in the seminar:

  • Participating in the forum discussions during some or all of the five modules to reflect on specific, personal or professional interests.
  • Using the module discussion forums as a springboard for participation in the badge-earning activities, which include peer and facilitator responding to teaching/learning artifacts or documents participants create.
  • Inviting a small group of peers to form a learning community, making use of the seminar materials for their own local conversations.
  • Drawing on the seminar modules as the base for a credit-bearing or professional development endeavor at their own institution.

To learn more, visit for a further overview, and to explore posts from the initial OOPS! offering.

To register as a participant, please complete the Google Registration form at

To discuss earning graduate course credit at the University of Minnesota contact Ilene Dawn Alexander, the U’s instructor of record for this seminar.



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