5 Ways to Use YouTube for Teaching and Learning

15 Jun

Throughout the summer we will publish four short posts focusing on select teaching/learning with technology tools.  We begin with this short video series – created by the College of Continuing Education technology team at the University of Minnesota – as  a starting place.  

This collection of “How to…” videos will be useful to teachers designing flipped learning courses, developing resources to support student learning beyond the classroom, looking to provide verbal and visual feedback to multimedia presentations, and/or planning for increasing accessibility to course materials in order to support a broad range of learners.

The Playlist embedded below focuses on 5 topics:

  1. Creating Video Announcements
  2. Searching for Videos
  3. Integrating YouTube and VideoAnt for feedback on student videos
    • supports annotation of unlisted videos (uploaded but not published to web)
  4. Linking YouTube to an Interactive Whiteboard app
    • Explain Everything – an interactive whiteboard that allows video & audio recording of on-screen drawing, annotation, and object movement
  5. Setting up Google Hangouts on Air for teacher and/or student presentations 
    • In 4 parts: from setting up Google+ to linking with YouTube to creating the Hangout on Air session for uploading
    • Live recordings of presentations that can be shared (with a select group as an unlisted link, or with a wider group via a publicly posted link)


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