Teaching by [Backward] Design – Summer Tapa #1: Environmental Factors

10 Jun

Summer Course (Re)Design Season begins anew; that in mind, we’re running the 4-part course design tapa series: short bites moving from scanning the environmental context to setting outcomes to planning activities and assessments. Enjoy.


Ah, summer.  For the CTL summer staff, this is time for shifting into shepherding new projects to completion for the coming academic year , for reading  and reflecting that will lead to course revisions, and for collaborations and consultations with peers as we revise existing programs, resources and workshops.

One project draws on all of this summer work as we move forward in making our face to face “Making a Difference in Teaching and Learning Seminars” – or MAD Seminars – into virtual space.  Through the F2F MAD Seminars, small groups of faculty have created new courses by working with concepts we’ve presented in this blog across its first year:  Backward Course Design, also known as Aligned Course Design; SUCCESS / Sticky Teaching principles; and pedagogies that support more learning for more students.

To broaden access and participation – by creating a virtual space to support asynchronous, group and individual…

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