Ready to Remarkable: Planning for the New Term as Teachers and Mentors

15 Jan

The conference rooms and hallways of the Center for Teaching and Learning are abuzz as we join University of Minnesota faculty and instructors in preparing for a new teaching and learning semester.  The spring term here also features an increase in the volume of questions from graduate students and postdoctoral fellows about academic career planning and job search practices and development of dossier documents.

Given that context, we’ve pulled together two sets of resources for this semester-starting post:

  1. Links to five of our most read “semester starting” teaching posts from the archives in order to bring a bit of that hallway energy into a blog post.
  2. With many graduate students and postdoctoral fellows launching into preparation of job search portfolios or  heading to campus interviews for new posts based on the strengths they’ve demonstrated to hiring committees via portfolios of research and teaching they’ve already completed, this Ready to Remarkable blog post also includes resources related to the job search that will be of use to graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and their mentors and advisors.

So read on, plan well, and add to the comment / reply feature if you have want to make a query along the way.

Resources for Instructors about to Begin a New Teaching Semester

Resources for Faculty and Staff Working with Graduate & Professional Students that You Can Start Using Today 

Before applying for positions – sections from The Graduate and Professional Students’ Guide to Career Planning

  • Self Knowledge (non-academic) and Knowing Yourself (academic)
  • Resources for gaining an Understanding of Institutional Types (academic) and of Market Knowledge (non-academic).
  •  Conducting a Job Search – from application to interview, an overview
  • Career Planning Tools (generally); and see specifically Telling Your Story (academic) and Marketing Yourself (non-academic).

Job Search Documents – ideas for moving from ready to remarkable

Everyday Resources for Graduate Students – on writing, communication and funding

Everyday Resources for Advisors and Mentors


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