Designing Learning Activities – Summer Tapa #4

13 Aug


As you might suspect, Part Four of Teaching by Design will build on the concepts of integrated course design presented in previous “tapas.”  Specifically in this presentation, we’ll focus on classroom activities and present options that will reinforce learning outcomes you have determined for your course. In this session, you’ll see active learning examples for each of type of outcome Dee Fink identifies in a taxonomy of significant learning.  The examples come from the literature on active learning and also from ideas gathered from working with University faculty. 


Some of the ideas you may be able to use in your own course planning pretty much as presented.  Most will need adapting based on environmental factors, outcomes and assessments particular to the course you are designing. And it is my hope that many will spark totally new ideas from thinking specifically about your course and working with your recent and current students.  

By clicking on the following link, you’ll find the a PowerPoint with narration conveying the Learning Activities presentation in the Teaching by Design section. As you create practice opportunities for students to learn to think and do in your field, please, do make use of the blog to share your ideas!




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