Calling all TILT readers: Feedback, please!

29 May

Hello TILT blog and Tuesday Teaching listserv readers –

Like you we are making transitions into our summer work schedules.  The summer news as related to the blog and listserv is three-fold:

1.  The Tuesday listserv will pause in June and July, largely to accommodate summer work schedules and project deadlines.

2.  The TILT blog will appear every other week, with postings coming late on Mondays.  We’ll also be working as editors to create a monograph from our series on SUCCESS practices and principles, which we aim to publish at the end of July.

And most of all, as summer is a time for reflection as part of planning forward, we’ll be entering into

3.  Gathering and thinking through feedback from listserv and blog readers.

To the ends of item #3 above, the following hotlink will connect you to a 5-item survey you can access for the next ten days.  The survey goes live at 6 pm on 29 May and closes at 6 pm on 8 June.

As a 6th item on the survey, we invite you to let us know if you are interested in blogging during the coming year on particular topics.  Information gathered in response to that item will be separated from the survey spreadsheet before responses are reviewed by the blog editorial team.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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