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How Do They Do That? Setting Up Flexible Exam Scheduling for 1001 Students

6 Nov Students pick up IDs and collect exam scores as they leave the test center.

How do they do that?  When the “that” is  offering – then setting up, proctoring and scoring exams with flexible scheduling for classes enrolling up to 1001 students?

To find out, check a two-minute video presentation from Tom Brothen, a UMinnesota psychology faculty and member of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers.  In addition to great music, the video outlines ways of to setting up this process in working with a campus computer-based test center – a process that includes verifying student identity, and on to proctoring  exams, responding to questions and providing immediate feedback to students.

Video: http://mediamill.cla.umn.edu/mediamill/display/153875.

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