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Help! I’ve Got a Graduate Student in My Office!

31 Oct

Maybe it’s not a graduate student but a post doctoral fellow or a professional program student who’s seeking your advice as part of career planning.

Or maybe you’re trying to get someone who ought to be asking your advice into your office.

Or maybe you’re looking for a bit of new information because someone has requested you to compose a reference letter for an academic or non-academic post unlike those your mentees have previously sought out.

Advising, tutoring, supporting and supervising are all part of the faculty role as stewards of the profession and teachers working with graduate students with aspirations to become – among many possibilities – future faculty, professionals, researchers and policy makers.

Having just conducted a fully-booked workshop with Drs. Noro Andriamanalina, Esam El-Fakahany and Louis Mendoza, we’ve been asked to post more broadly the resources from that day, and have been invited by participants, wait-listed registrants and graduate students who noticed the session for their advisors to add a few more.

Read on to discover resources that can guide faculty, staff, mentors, advisors – and the graduate students/postdoctoral fellows who seek our feedback/ideas/guidance as they move from future faculty/professionals to early career faculty/professionals.

Resources for Faculty and Staff Working with Graduate & Professional Students that You Can Start Using Today 

Before applying for positions – see these sections within The Graduate and Professional Students’ Guide to Career Planning

  • Self Knowledge (non-academic) and Knowing Yourself (academic)
  • Resources for gaining an Understanding of Institutional Types (academic) and of Market Knowledge (non-academic).
  •  Conducting a Job Search – from application to interview, an overview
  • Career Planning Tools (generally); and see specifically Telling Your Story (academic) and Marketing Yourself (non-academic).

Job Search Documents – from ready to remarkable

Everyday Resources for Graduate Students – on writing, communication and funding

Everyday Resources for Advisors and Mentors

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