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(Re)Thinking Course Design? Ten ‘Here’s an Idea’ Posts

19 Dec

For this post, we’ve selected a set of 10 resources, in no particular order, that teachers might draw on in developing course plans and class session designs for the coming semester.  Also, you can link to some of our recent “Small Change” posts via short descriptions on the right side of TILT’s homepage.  

1.  Aligned Course Design

Designing Backward – No High Heels Required – linked post, IleneDawn 

2.  Universal Design for Learning

Digital Accessibility: Small Steps for the Long HaulScott Marshall post

3.  Screencasting

Screencasting as a Way to Enhance Learning – Christina Petersen post

4. Moodle & Usability

Improving Moodle’s Usability, Updates Included Ann Fandrey post

5.  Course Readings – Open Resources

Making the Switch to Affordable Course Content – Bill Rozaitis post

6.  Classroom Assessment Techniques

CATS, CATS, and More CATS – IleneDawn post

7.  Reading for Learning

Overview + key resources collected together – IleneDawn post

8.  Introverts – Extroverts

Two posts – an overview & resources for quiet learning

9. Online learning

5 Engaged Learning Strategies – Students’ Views from Successful Online Courses – Christina Petersen post

10. Participation

Is this line in your Syllabus: “Class Participation = 10%”? Mary Jetter post

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