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What’s a Scholarly Workflow – and Why Do I Want One?

6 Jul

This is a Summer 2014 post that seems good to re-blog as many of us are (re)considering how we gather and store information in usable and accessible ways.


When I finally discovered the scholarly disciplines that resonated with me as an undergraduate student–cultural studies and philosophy–I found myself immersed in a sea of new ideas, words, people, and knowledge. I felt simultaneously completely lost and totally obsessed. In order to understand the theorist I was reading in class, I wanted to read everyone who came before her, the history of ideas in which she was embedded, and the broader social contexts swirling around her. As I look back on these years, I often think of myself as a cartographer, mapping through space and time the field and history–learning names, developing a sense of orientation, coming to know how to use a compass to take me from one idea to another. I felt as though I was “catching up” with the kinds of things people knew in my field.

As I transitioned to reading and writing in graduate school…

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